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Aero Therapeutics Wins “Golden Ticket”

May 23rd, 2022


New Haven, CT – Last week, Dr. Gonzalez was one of two innovators who won the “Golden Ticket” at Yale’s Innovation Summit. The Golden Ticket is one free year of office space at District New Haven. District New Haven is a startup ecosystem designed with all of the infrastructure necessary for startups, entrepreneurial nomads, traveling execs, and beyond. We help everyone from small business owners to c-levels connect to the resources they need to succeed.


Yale’s Innovation Summit has become the largest entrepreneurship event on campus and the largest gathering of venture capital investors in Connecticut. Over two days we will celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship at Yale, in New Haven, and Connecticut as a whole. 


Current Funding


Last year, Dr. Gonzalez pitched to the full Blavatnik board and was awarded $150,000. Aero has spent the award on completing the steps needed to get PremieBreathe toward FDA approval. Dr. Gonzalez previously participated in Yale University’s Lifesciences Pitchfest competition in December 2021 where she won two awards during the competition: the Audience Choice award and the Most Valuable Pitch award.


Yale Pitchfest is a yearly pitch competition for faculty innovators who are Semifinalists in the Blavatnik Fund’s grant cycle. Finalists are selected every January and awarded by May at the yearly Innovation Summit.


The Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale, made possible by a generous grant from the Blavatnik Family Foundation, supports Yale faculty in the commercialization of applied research and technology in the life sciences. The Fund aims to bridge the gap between innovative, early-stage life science research and successful development of high-impact biomedical products.

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